Ferrari F189 Late Version

When I saw this model listed on a famous auction site, I thought it would perfectly fit in my collection. The auction ended at a very reasonable price, so the Ferrari F189 Late Version joined my collection to complete the Tamiya F1 chassis series, starting with the Tyrrell P34 and ending with the Williams Renault FW18 F103. So far.

Tamiya 58288 Ferrari F2001 - F201

Ferrari F2001

Despite the unrealistic 4WD transmission, I have always been curious about the F201 chassis mechanical challenge. Even if it was not on my "top priorities" list, I found an opportunity matching my requests in terms of condition and budget. A few clicks later, this Ferrari F2001 was joining my collection.

Tamiya 58179 Williams Renault FW18 - F103RS

Williams Renault FW18

It has been some time since I was thinking about getting this Formula 1 chassis for my collection because it was a reference into its category during its almost 15 years of existence in Tamiya's offering. After reviewing its predecessors, I wanted to know about the generation that seem to be the achievement of the dynasty. So when the opportunity popped up, I clicked laughing.

Tamiya 58011 Ferrari 312T3

Ferrari 312T3

I had been looking for this chassis for several months when it showed up in Vintage-RC classifieds: after checking quickly the photos, I couldn't resist any longer. If I had had the choice, I would have preferred a Ligier JS9 in its Competition Special version because I think it looks greater than this Ferrari: unfortunately, this is one of the rarest in the series. However, the Ferrari 312T3 will do the job to fulfill my interest for the chassis.

Tamiya 58069 Williams FW11B Honda F1

Williams FW11B Honda F1

Despite my decision to slow down on purchases in order to work on projects pilling up, a very special model showed up on a famous auction site. Unfortunately, there was not much time left to seriously consider it: so I preferred to click and potentially regret later laughing.

Tamiya 58053 Road Wizard F1

Road Wizard F1

I decided to swap my Ford F-150 with this model thanks to a member of the Vintage-RC forum. I rarely drove this model and the few times I ran it, I had to setup it into the Toyota Prerunner livery to preserve the fragile bodyshell. When this Road Wizard F1 showed up, I said good-bye to this model without regrets to welcome the grand father of every Tamiya modern Formula ones.

Tamiya 58014 Martini Mk.22 Renault

Martini Mk.22 Renault

This is a rare or even very rare model reaching my collection. Despite of its great age and its interest for collectors, it doesn't seem to be much appreciated. Formula 1 chassis' of the time probably have more appeal at collectors' eyes but on my side, I got interested in this model several months ago. The opportunity finally showed up so I clicked again laughing.

Tamiya 58003 Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler

Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler

This is a second hand model in perfect condition despite its 30 years old! This original 1977 release is close to an UFO in Tamiya range of products, exactly like when its real-size counterpart showed up on Formula 1 tracks at the time. This radical architecture was designed to get a better lift by lowering the front end of the car which offer better frontal downforce.

Tamiya 58114 Footwork FA13 Mugen Honda - F102

Footwork FA13 Mugen Honda

This model is a Formula 1 made for racing. There was no equivalent model in my collection so far, and this is exactly why I decided to offer the chance to get one.