Note aux francophones :
Le site original était exclusivement en anglais : aucune traduction n'est proposée afin de respecter les propos de l'auteur.

Tamiya R/C Collector Site by Alex JUNG

Sometimes you find websites that start a passion or that revive something you had long forgotten.
That's what happened to me when I first found Alex JUNG's TAMIYA R/C Collector Site. This site had been launched in 1998 and could be reached at until the begininng of 2009. Sadly, the whole website definitely got lost after that.

By chance, I already had saved all the pages on my computer when I realized it was no longer reachable on the web.
A few months later, I decided that keeping it just for myself was stupid. Instead I'd better put it back online as a tribute to Alex JUNG's fantastic job. Nothing was altered in any way: the whole site, images and text is an exact mirror of what it was right before it disappeared from the web, or at least, what it was when I saved it. It has not been updated so part of the content may be somewhat outdated. Yet, I'm sure you will still enjoy reading it.

I want to make clear that the site you are about to read is not mine: as you can see, it looks very different from my own website. Actually, except the "responsive" layout (ie suited for displaying on computer, tablets and smartphones), I did my best to reproduce the "look and feel" of the original website.
If by chance you know how to contact Alex JUNG, please let me know.

Thank you Mister JUNG!