Tamiya 58006 Martini Porsche 936 Turbo

Martini Porsche 936 Turbo

This project came up because Tamiya decided to re-release this bodyset back in 2012 under the reference 84303 (limited series). As soon as the bodyset was available, I bought one... with absolutely no clue on which chassis I would fit it on laughing.

ometimes, I think my pathology is getting worse because at the time of my Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5, I already had some ideas about the chassis before I bought the bodyset...

Tamiya 58026 Renault 5 Turbo

Renault 5 Turbo

It took several months for this model to join my collection. Everything began in june 2011 when I bought the bodyshell from a Vintage-RC member and an original sticker sheet a few days later on internet... just a few weeks before Tamiya announced the re-release of this bodyshell on the M-05Ra chassis (kit 84227).

Tamiya 58049 Toyota Toms 84C - Racing Master Mk.6

Toyota Tom's 84C Racing Master Mk.6

I got this model thanks to a contact with a forum member from Vintage-RC. I had been searching for such a model for several months so the deal was quick.

Tamiya 58092 Jaguar XJR-12 - GroupC

Jaguar XJR-12

While I was wandering a well-known auction site for something else, I found a bad listed item. In order to have a closer look to the photos, I got closer from the screen and incidentally I clicked: by pure coincidence, the auction was ending at that very moment and I won it without even noticing laughing.