Toyota Mountain Rider

I have been enjoying trailing with my  for some time now, and I am still enjoying upgrading it from time to time. On day, during a scale run with my friend Laurent, we spoke about the iconic Tamiya 3Speed chassis, both the modernized and original or re-released versions. By coincidence, Laurent shared the link of a classified a few days later: that's how this Toyota Mountain Rider came in.

Tamiya 58132 49490 Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide - CC-01

Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide

This article is the sequel, but mostly a complement, to the one about my . Here, we'll detail the evolution of my LandFreeder into a Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide, but also for the most part, this is a general experience feed back about the CC-01 chassis and several upgrades after a few runs.

Tamiya 58579 LandFreeder - CC-01


Until recently, the trail category was not among my favorites, and the crawler was even a definite dislike. Yet, I already had the chance to give a try to my friend's Laurent58 CR-01 and to admire the modern 3Speed from my friend David from RC 4 Old Nuts. These experiences taught my two things: no crawler for me because I found them not realistic enough to my taste, and no scale trail either because it desperately lacks speed (also to my taste).

Tamiya 58004 XR311 FMC Combat Support Vehicle

XR311 Combat Support Vehicle

This is a second hand model I bought from a member on Vintage-RC forum. Given its age and crazy prices for new in box XR311s, it could only be a second hand despite of the limited re-release Tamiya did in 2000.