Tamiya 58242 Wild Willy II - WR-02

Wild Willy 2

This is an entirely new model, just built, painted and decorated. I was searching on Ebay when Willy showed up on a page and I couldn't resist laughing

The Wild Willy is Tamiya's definition of fun in RC, a model that is so offbeat in the RC world that I always had in mind to get one into my collection: I was waiting for the best opportunity, it happened, I clicked...

Tamiya 58192 King Blackfoot

King Blackfoot

This was a great opportunity, so I offered myself this present! This model is the last one to use at least partially the iconic “space frame” chassis from the Subaru Brat and Frog (apart from re-releases). Because of this, the King Blackfoot is somewhat important in Tamiya range of products.

Tamiya 58060 Monster Beetle

Monster Beetle

The model of my dreams! I spent hours dreaming about driving this model many years ago. For me this one is THE legendary model from Tamiya. Many fans think that other Tamiya models are emblematic (such as the SRB's: Sand Rover, Sand Scorcher and Rough Rider), that the Blackfoot (based on the same chassis) is more important in RC model history, and they are probably right. But for me, it is the Monster Beetle.

Beetle Frog project

The Beetle Frog project

A 20 year old chassis, lots of spare parts that do not always belong to the original model, a looks-like bodyshell: this project is a 20 year dream come true. To own a Monster Beetle. Purists may object the parts mix, the bodyshell and some custom adaptations are far from the original. But if you don't care and want to know more about this project, prepare the mouse wheel for scrolling!

Tamiya 58347 Lunch Box - CW-01

Lunch Box

This 2 wheel drive "big wheels" vehicle is meant for recreation. It bounces all over the playground, racing lines are, hum, special and steering is approximative. A soon as you push throttle, the front wheels raise: wheeling on several meters (if it doesn't roll on its roof). Full speed cornering is pure suicide as it will roll. A worse handling is still to invent: but that is the concept of this model, and what makes it success over ages. Apart from its tremendous look.


Tamiya 58312 Blackfoot Xtreme - WT-01

Blackfoot Xtreme

It took me a long time to come back into RC models. I was wondering whether to go for 4x4 "big wheels" which are often dual motors for more power, or for 4x2 simpler models. I finally decided to go for a model that is very close to those I was dreaming of so many years ago. So close that this particular model was already existing 20 years ago: from Blackfoot, it evolved into Super Blackfoot, then into King Blackfoot and now into Blackfoot Xtreme. This is the one and only Tamiya model to have remained available in catalog all these years: an exceptional lifetime that has no equivalent in any other brand catalog.