Tamiya 58425 ORC Amemiya SGC-7 - TB-03

ORC Amemiya SGC-7

I had been thinking for a few months about a "high end" chassis that would be suitable to run on the quite dirty track where I often gather with my friends. The "open air" gearings on my TA-04 TRF being strictly incompatible with such a dirty track, my TL-01 practice chassis was the only candidate left since I sold my TT-01 chassis. Of course, the pleasure to drive is not the same as with a "quality" chassis.

Tamiya TA-03F Audi Quattro

TA-03F Audi Quattro

Thanks again to a member of the Vintage-RC forum, a new model joins my collection. First released in 1996, the TA-03F chassis is the first 4WD belt-driven by Tamiya. This is a technological change in the TA series that were shaft-driven so far, like on the TA-01 chassis of my Lancia Delta HF Integrale. This is both for this reason and because the TA-03F chassis is already over 15 years old that I wanted one into my collection.

Tamiya TamTech Gear Porsche 935 Martini - GT-01

TamTech Gear Porsche 935 Martini Turbo RSR

Even before I start writing this, I can already guess I'll hear my friend Teamneogordini laughing and mocking me laughing. "I thought you considered Tamtech were toys: ?". ". Hum, well laughing. Yes, I changed my mind: watching him running his Porsche 934 Turbo RSR and admiring the splendid bodyshell (the car's, not Teamneogordini's!), I succumbed.

Tamiya 58263 Opel V8 Coupé DTM 2000 - TL-01

Opel V8 Coupé DTM 2000

Surprise: this is the TL-01 chassis come back in my collection, this time as an on-raod version. My collection evolution, and especially the fact that it now counts more on-roaders than off-roaders, made me realize my lack of driving skills. So I wanted a simple, reliable and cheap model for training.


Tamiya 58159 HKS Opel Vectra JTCC - FF-01

HKS Opel Vectra JTCC

This one is a pretty rare model even though it is not very old. Other models based on the same chassis are pretty much looked after so I guess this particular model didn't meet its public or its decoration was not much appreciated. Anyway, this second hand model was an opportunity since it has a brand new and perfectly decorated bodyshell: it had to join my collection.

Tamiya 49278 TA-04 TRF


This model is quite apart from the rest of my collection since it is both a limited edition and a pure racer. It is also my first belt-driven 4WD chassis. At first, I wanted a TA-03 chassis because it combined an older design with Tamiya's first belt-driven model. But things went differently and this TA-04 TRF edition was a great opportunity: I clicked.

Tamiya 58117 Lancia Delta HF Integrale - TA-01

Lancia Delta HF Integrale

At the beginning, I found this body new and complete, and I was using it randomly with my TB-01 chassis. The problem was that using it for rally sessions could only lead to destroying it, so I had to modify the TB-01 with on-road settings each time I want to run it with the Lancia body. Of course, I could have installed this body on the TT-01 chassis, but this would have required a serious modification of the body mounts for every run.

Tamiya 58332 Citroen Xsara WRC Rally Monte-Carlo 2004 - TT-01

Citroen Xsara WRC Rally Monte-Carlo 2004

This model is an XB Expert Build version like my Madbull and my Sand Viper. So I received it ready to run with a beautiful bodyshell already painted and decorated. The chassis is a 4WD shaft-driven TT-01: unlike what its name may let you think, this chassis is made for on-road use. This is very new to me as it is my first on-road chassis. The Citroën Xsara WRC is in version "Monte Carlo", which means asphalt setup. With the additional "Rally" tires I bought, it will be able to hit the ground as long as the track is clean enough since the ground clearance is inferior to one centimeter.