Tamiya Tamiya drivers interviews

This is a worldwide exclusivity: based upon an original idea from BaraToZ, a fellow member of the Vintage-RC forum, I hereby publish his interviews of several famous Drivers from Tamiya's scuderia.

Between the late 70's and late 90's, a gifted generation of drivers became famous worldwide as the Tamiya dream team. Names like Frank Evans, Willy, Harry Hurryup, "Frantic" Freddy Wilson still bring memories to those of us who were fans of car racing back then.

These are the heros BaraToZ interviewed for us.


So who is BaraToZ?




Gaul (Latin: Gallia)
Teenager in the 80's.
Still today, but only in his head.
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All interviews are © BaraToZ.


Public apology

Our apologizes to misters Marc Reinhard and Satoshi Maezumi: yes, you are international-class drivers, you belong to Tamiya's TRF team, but you still haven't reached the level to be part of this hall of fame. Sorry laughing


American-style disclaimer

The characters and interviews are fictions. Any resemblance to actual persons is due to reality (freely adapted citation from Jorge Volpi, The End of Madness). Well, BaraToZ and I have Vanessa's private phone number... and no, we won't share it laughing