Tamiya Museum

Far far away in a country where they say the sun rises, some say there is a temple dedicated to static and RC models where the outmost mythical realizations of a manufacturer called Tamiya are gathered. Some also say that pilgrims prayed there for models to be re-released and these prayers were heard. Some even say that the persons working at the temple spend hours every day to clean innumerable finger prints left on the display windows... and hours to mop up drool puddles left by pilgrims in admiration trance laughing

Some captures from video surveillance tapes:

The following animation was also made from two images from video surveillance tapes: an unknown visitor was first pictured right when he entered the showroom, then again a few seconds later when he stopped by the first display window.

In order to clarify all this and to know the truth, I asked two friends of mine to go investigate at the risk of their life. Well... the truth is they had the chance to go there and they brought me back lots of photos laughing But because they refused to bring me there too, I will reveal who they are: the first of them is F2G78, a member of the Vintage-RC forum. The second is Kris from M3 Modélisme, a French RC store. These two guys are real RC fans, and more specifically Tamiya fans: I want to warmly thank them both since what you'll see here are their photos.

On purpose, I zoomed one photo: if anyone reads japanese, please contact me if M. Tamiya direct line is in the list. Could be of some interest...laughing 


The virtual tour

Thanks to F2G78 and Kris, 151 photos will give you the opportunity to virtually visit the Tamiya Museum located at the brand's headquarters in Japan.

This is the tour program:

  • an overview of the museum and of real-size models that Tamiya reproduces either in static or RC models (16 photos)
  • static models and dioramas in which they are staged (70 photos)
  • the "Mini" and "Junior" models (7 photos)
  • RC models (43 photos)
  • miscellaneous (15 photos)



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