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Terms of use

  Terms of use


Navigating this website is free and will remain free. The copyright mention you see on every page footer is there to protect my work, not to oblige you to anything. However, I do restrict the use of all or part of this website content:


  • no hotlinks (= direct link to an image) : if you want to use an image or a photo from this site, save it on your computer and use it as you want. This avoids me to pay for additional bandwidth you should pay for.
  • if you cite me, place a link to my site index page or the page you are referring to.
  • you are not granted to use any portion of my website for any commercial use, and/or generally speaking for any use generating revenues (see below).

If you are the editor of a free website and want to cite me, please first contact me.

For any kind of commercial use, you must contact me prior to any use: depending on the situation, I may authorize it under conditions.



Just like any website, this website uses cookies, thus the splash screen French and European laws forced me to install. You’ll have to endure it once a year on every browser you use to surf this site: sorry, no choice.

What’s this for?
First, for my website to comply with a stupid new law laughing, and second, to make you aware of what cookies are since every website uses them. To learn more about cookies, read what Google says about them.

What kind of data is collected?
On my website, the cookie serves two purposes, your navigation history on my site (and only on mine) and my stats. When you read an article, the link in the menu changes its color: so you know what you already have read and what you still may want to read. This information is for your comfort when navigating the site: I have no access to it since it “belongs” to your browser. As for the stats, they allow me to know which articles are the most popular: the stats are global, meaning I know what more than 500 average visitors per day read. But I don’t who reads what (see the next section: you are not registered when navigating on my website).
That’s all the data “collected” by my website. One detail: my website doesn’t send a cookie to your browser. Your browser creates a cookie about my site the first time you visit come here.

Privacy, personal data:
Overall, you are an average of 500 persons visiting the site every day, 2/3 of you read pages written in english and there are more reads of articles about off-road models than about on-road models. That’s the kind of “confidential” data the cookie can collect on you.
You navigate anonymously on my website, so I strictly don’t know anything about you individually.