New version of the site

This is the most important evolution of my site since it was created back in 2008: I abandoned the original hand-coded framework for a much more modern solution that will significantly make my life easier, both in maintaining the site and the writing of articles. This new major evolution is for you too because more and more of you are using portable devices to surf the internet: the new version will automatically adapt itself and perfectly fit your screen.

This is called "responsive design": it means that my site is designed to fit any type of internet device, from smartphones to pads and conventional computers. The website layout automatically adapts to the device you are using to view it (height, width, menu layout), but the content (the articles) is the same whatever the device.

All the content has been transferred to the new format, many articles being updated if not almost entirely re-written in the process (especially the articles about Tamiya chassis / platforms wink). This is why the site seems abandoned since the beginning of the year: I've been on this since january. However, several new articles are close to be published, so you should find “fresh” content to read soon (in addition to the many updates on existing articles).


Instruction manual

Actually nothing there, it should be easy and intuitive:

  • the homepage shows the latest articles I published
  • all articles are sorted into the categories listed in “site map”
  • all categories show how many articles they carry
  • all articles are presented with a short introduction text followed by a “Read More” button: press it to reach the full article

However, if you don't find the article you want or if you want to search the site, the search box is there to help.