Analysis of individual cars

In this section you will be able to find an in-depth description of each of the Tamiya cars that have been produced. We will make an effort to put a new car in this section on a regular basis.

There are four distinct sections to the car descriptions:

Specifications - This section will describe the basis of the car, the type of suspension system, drive train, motor type and body shell.

Description - This is the most detailed section, giving in-depth information on the individual cars. Insights into chassis design, it's relevance to other Tamiya cars and handling characteristics. Also, some personal insights into why the car succeeded or failed with consumers.

Historical Significance - What is this kit's place in Tamiya R/C history? This section will talk about why a particular kit is collectable, or in some cases, not collectable. As well, the latest figures on auction values will also appear in this section.

Additional Notes - These are notes for those that are looking to purchase a new or used kit of a specific model. This section details weaknesses in each kit and things to watch for. There will also be tips on parts and their interchangeability.

These items will be listed in alphabetical order.

Avante     Mudblaster
Avante 2001     Nissan Skyline GT-R
Big Wig     Porsche 956
Blackfoot     Porsche 959
Boomerang     Sand Scorcher
Bullhead     Sonic Fighter
Clodbuster     Striker
David Jun TA03F Pro Limited Edition     Super Sabre
Egress     Supershot
Falcon     TA03F Pro Edition
Fox     TA04 Pro Belt Drive
Frog     Taisan Porsche 911GT2
Grasshopper     Terra Scorcher
Hornet     Toyota 4X4 Pickup Bruiser
Hotshot     Toyota Tom's 84C
Hotshot II     Thunder Dragon
Lunch Box     Thunder Shot
M1024 Hummer     Wild One
Manta Ray     Wild Willy
Monster Beetle