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The Super Sabre (58066)

The Super Sabre was kit number 66 from Tamiya. A follow-up to the Boomerang, the Super Sabre offered a fresh body to the reliable chassis.


  • 1/10 scale off-road vehicle
  • plastic tub-chassis
  • 4WD shaft driven with front and rear differential
  • fully independent front and rear suspension
  • monoshock in front, dual shocks in rear using coil spring over oil-damped shocks
  • RS-540 motor
  • pin spike/block off-road tires
  • lexan body


The Super Sabre was released as a variation on the Boomerang car with an intent to extend the life of an old chassis.

Based on their successful HotShot car, the Super Sabre deviates little from the original design. The car utilizes Hotshot gearboxes front and rear. The rear dual shock system found in the Boomerang has been changed to shorter throw red units. This new design does nothing to improve the handling, but did make it possible to mount a low slung body in the rear of the car. Further, the rear system is taken directly from a HotShot II allowing Tamiya some developmental cost savings.

The front drive system carries over intact from the Boomerang. The only change being the color of the molded plastic pieces; red instead of blue. The biggest change with the Boomerang was the introduction of a full tub chassis. The tub-chassis proved easier to work with if not as resistant to torsional flexing and moisture. This has carried over without change in the Super Sabre.

The biggest change was the new sharply chiseled lexan body. A two piece designed held together by small screws, it looked very nice. Finished in silver as per the instructions, and it complemented the car quite nicely. Although somewhat dated looking now, the car followed the trends of the time. The Super Sabre rolled off the assembly lines towards the tail end of the R/C craze. Competition was stiff as too many competitors in the market drove prices down. As such, it didn't sell as well as the Boomerang.

Historical Significance

Historically, the Super Sabre was the last Tamiya car to utilize the Hotshot gearboxes and chassis. It marks the end of a very long run for this original design which started the 4WD off-road racing craze for Tamiya.

The slump in R/C sales at about that time pretty much guaranteed that this car would be more difficult to find now then the Boomerang. They come up for sale so rarely that it is difficult to peg a price on them. Estimates are around $200 to $250 for a new in box example.

Additional Notes

All the faults of the HotShot can be found in the Super Sabre except for access to the radio equipment. Treated right, the cars were pretty robust units.  Some parts - though - are pretty readily available (see HotShot). The tough parts to come by are the front gearboxes and suspension arms. Also the Super Sabre body and red chassis parts are also more difficult to come by. Especially tough are the red oil damped shocks. Because they appeared on only two vehicles (Hotshot II & Super Sabre), spare ones are very hard to find now. Be fussy and ensure that you get a complete one in good condition.


  • Collectibility - 6 out of 10
  • Fun to drive - 7 out of 10
  • Parts availability - 6 out of 10

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