Last updated 01/02/2005


Is the Bruiser next for re-issue??!

I'm sure that all these re-released kits are causing some stress amongst collectors. It becomes a bit of a lottery where you really don't know when the value of your original kit may be impacted by Tamiya's ability to fire up the manufacturing lines using the original dies and castings.

What about all those originals such as the Bruiser, Sand Scorcher or Rough Rider? Are they the next ones on the re-issue list.

Extremely unlikely, or at least extremely unlikely in their original form. The kits previously mentioned were all crafted from mostly metal construction. The sheer cost of manufacturing now in metal would deter Tamiya from re-releasing them. However, it is very possible that Tamiya would release a vehicle that looks very similar to a Bruiser but mated to a modern chassis.

But even that possibility is remote. The real charm of these original buggies and trucks have to do with the running gear itself and Tamiya knows that.


The Hornet re-issued!

Those of us yearning to re-live our childhood will be pleased to see that Tamiya has re-issued the Hornet. A very simple rear-wheel drive off-road buggy, it was the one that many of us remember as being the first R/C we ever bought.

The re-issue is just that: a re-issue. Every part - save the speed controller - is exactly the same as the original. Right down to the discontinued knobby rear tires that wore out so fast when driven on asphalt (as many of us did). Those collectors that were speculating on Hornet parts and kits for profit will be sorely disappointed. Much like the XR-311 re-issue, once built, it's virtually impossible to tell the two apart.


All these re-issues!

Yes, Tamiya has been re-releasing a slew of re-issues recently. The Mercedes Benz 190E, followed by the BMW M3 on the e30 chassis. However, all these are on newer chassis so it's very easy to distinguish these kits from the original (which were based on the older TA-02)

But collectors should note that these re-issues do impact the price/value of the originals, both NIB kits and built models. We would expect that the original unbuilt kits would still be coveted because they are different, but body sets cannot be distinguished and as such, prices will suffer.


Return of the Clodbuster

American consumers are no doubt pleased to see the Clodbuster return to the Tamiya lineup. The new version is branded "Super Clodbuster". Upon initial inspection, not much has changed from the original. Still utilizing a live axle twin motor drivetrain (as with the original), the changes are limited to a switch from red to blue plastic trim pieces and new graphics on the truck body.

However, with a large number of aftermarket parts ready to fit onto this chassis, it should do well for them.


A Happy Return to Side Mirrors

With the recent release of the Beams Integra and the New Mini Cooper, I'm happy to report that Tamiya has returned to issuing side mirrors for their lexan bodies. As you know, I had noticed a few of their recent lexan bodies lacked such an item and I wondered whether Tamiya had farmed out the manf. of the Corvette body to another company to execute.

But after seeing the New Mini Cooper, I'm happy to report that it is as accurate and realistic as you would expect from Tamiya! Bravo!