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The Clodbuster (58065)

The Clodbuster was kit number 65 from Tamiya. A 1/10 4WD, 4WS off-road monster truck, it was designed as a fun on and off road truck for kids and adults alike.


  • 1/10 scale off-road vehicle
  • 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering
  • Plastic tub-chassis design
  • Solid axle front and rear with trailing arms
  • Twin coil spring with friction damping on all four wheels
  • Twin RS-540 Mabuchi motor
  • Realistic oversized monster tires
  • ABS plastic body


Wow, what a truck! Who can forget the first time they opened a Clodbuster kit and grabbed a hold of those enormous tires. As soon as you saw the size you realized that this was no ordinary kit, it was going to be HUGE. The Clodbuster was a runaway success for Tamiya. Building on what they’d learned with the Blackfoot, it dawned on their marketing department that bigger was – indeed – better.

Built on a new design, the Clodbuster had Grasshopper front and rear gearboxes with twin motor, four wheel drive layout. Paired with oversized rubber tires, a built Clodbuster was a site to behold. It was HUGE compared to a regular off-road buggy, weighing over 10lbs and about as wide as most buggies were long.

Added to this was a detailed ABS plastic GM truck body with plenty of chrome. The Clodbuster fufilled a need in the market that just couldn’t be covered by the aging Blackfoot. The Clodbuster looked and drove like a full size monster truck. It was one of the most popular trucks for modifying. Kits came out for everything including real working foglight kits, wood bedliners for the rear, high-grip tires and complete aluminum frames.

When I first assembled a Clodbuster I swapped the coil springs for Tamiya CVA oil dampers only to discover that it made no different in the handling. Most of the weight of the Clodbuster is located in the drive assembly; the tires, gearbox and engines are all hung off the shocks. The tub chassis carries only the radio gear and battery pack.

Two things will surprise you about the Clodbuster. The car drives faster and turns sharper than expect, it’s not surprising to find that most owners have tipped their car over on the first run because they expected the car to understeer more dramatically. The second thing that’s surprising is that the battery lasts longer than you would think because of the two motors.

Historial Significance

This truck is enormously popular with hobbyist and collectors alike. It marks the first use of this incredible chassis and the first "large scale" truck ever produced by them. This car marks a significant milestone in the history of Tamiya cars.

The car has only recently ceased production, so values for new in box examples are no more than retail. Couple this with the recent introduction of the Super Clodbuster and it appears unlikely that prices will shoot up dramatically on these trucks.

Additional Notes

The Clodbuster was an exceptionally tough and reliable truck. The use of Grasshopper gearboxes at either end made the drivetrain basically bulletproof, even when owners installed high-output motors. The only weak point to the chassis is the tub chassis itself. Because of how items mounted to the chassis, it tended to crack and rip at the mount points.

With the exception of the body, most parts are interchangable with the Bullhead which was introduced after the Clodbuster. Provided of course that you’re not fussy about the colors not matching. Check that the car is all original. As you can imagine, the following generated by these monster trucks led to a lot of modifications and aftermarket parts. Although many of these items were indeed more reliable and stronger, they aren’t made by Tamiya.


  • Collectibility – 6 out of 10
  • Fun to drive – 7 out of 10
  • Parts availability – 9 out of 10

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